Sequence is a secure, cloud-based ledger service for managing balances. Sequence lets software teams focus on shipping and scaling their product instead of building and maintaining ledger infrastructure. It does this by combining the convenience of SaaS with the security of cryptographic transaction signing.

Sequence can serve as a system of record for applications like mobile wallets, lending platforms, sharing economy apps, exchanges, payment services, funding sites, asset managers, and more. Any application that has a balance is well suited.

A new type of ledger

Every type of balance in Sequence is represented by token-like objects called assets. Assets can be created, transferred, retired, or entered into more complex programs. Assets are held by programmatic contracts, the simplest of which is called an account.

Assets and accounts are controlled by cryptographic keys. Keys are managed in secure enclaves which Sequence cannot access. This “cloud + keys” model is how Sequence combines cryptographic integrity with a great developer and operator experience.

Every transaction in Sequence must be signed by the relevant users, service, or organizations that have authority over particular assets, accounts, and functionality. A single transaction can include multiple actions involving any number of assets and accounts, enabling complex transaction workflows while maintaining atomicity.